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Deb & Wayne

Our journey with NVC …

In 2006, we came across NVC (Nonviolent Communication) – Wayne here in NZ and Deb in London.  NVC appeared to be a way that supported us to connect with our met & unmet needs, supporting us to find a way forward in our lives to get clearer on who we were & how we could more effectively meet our needs & contribute to meeting the needs of others around us.

Since discovering NVC and being involved in our NVC community both here in NZ & overseas, we have seen time & time again, the difference that NVC has made in the lives of many people. The beauty of people in pain connecting & understanding each other, people in conflict finding resolution where all needs can be heard & valued, people stepping out of their inner & outer jackals & communicating what they are wanting from a compassionate space.

For the last 11 years, we have been offering NVC Foundation workshops and having been running an NVC Practice Group in Auckland for the last 12 years. This year sees further offerings of NVC Foundation Workshops, Transformative Mediation Training, Couples workshops as well as chances to activate your NVC learning with new one dayers. We will continue to run our fortnightly practice groups on a various weekday evenings (see “What We Offer“)

If you are new to NVC, we invite you to explore & check out what’s in it for you & the people around you.

If you are already on your NVC journey, let’s continue to dance …

Deb Hipperson

I am committed to living a conscious, loving, compassionate and connected life. I believe that by implementing the principals of NVC into my life, is a way in which I can endeavour to reach that place every day.

My greatest joy is in connecting with others and hearing that breathing out as they know they have been heard. I believe the greatest gift I can give any human being is my presence.

I have had 16 years experience in primary school teaching, further education and family work both in New Zealand and in the United Kingdom. I love spending time with family, friends, & that groovy guy called Wayne, music, Art History,  Vipassana Meditation, the beach, the bush, learning & growth, travel, having fun, supporting families & teenagers, being crazy and doing the things that juice & connect me.

My Foundation Training was in  London with Darren & Anna followed by Foundation & Intermediate Trainings with Ron Ngata (NZ Certified Trainer). I have been fortunate to have attended other trainings with overseas trainers such as Ike Lassiter, John Cunningham,  Robert Gonzales, Dorset Campbell Ross & Milli O’Nair. I am currently exploring Sociocracy with John Buck and are a board member of NVC Aotearoa NZ Charitable Trust. Community, Contribution and creating, inviting & sharing opportunities for others to contribute & come together are my primary motivators in meeting my needs for meaning and purpose.

Wayne Prince

Wayne has been learning NVC for the past 14 years and delivering NVC Courses for the past 11 years.  He has completed courses with Marshall Rosenberg, Jeff Brown, Liv Munro, Ike Lassiter, John Cunningham, Robert Gonzales and Ron Ngata.

Wayne has been working with groups for the past 18 years.  He is a NLP certified trainer (INLPTA). In one of his roles he works with teenagers, teachers and parents delivering ideas and strategies on how to support each other and how to assist young people to do well in there studies.  Based in Auckland  he works throughout New Zealand, Thailand and England.

Wayne has also facilitated corporate training courses based around communication.  Plus indoor/outdoor courses, taking people into the outdoors and learning valuable ideas and strategies to take back into the work place.

He loves to connect  with the outdoors and be with his beautiful partner Deb and his two kids, Tayla and Ben.

Wayne is passionate about bringing NVC (Nonviolent Communication) to New Zealand.

“As a couple, Deb and Wayne evidently get lots of opportunity to practice NVC with each other. It shows in their authenticity of teaching it – they know it works and they live what they teach. It’s not a theory, or a mere communication framework. It is a mindset and a practice and a way of life. This shows in the care and compassion (and particularly their openness and vulnerability) which they bring to every teaching opportunity. For me, this means every time I engage with them – on a course or a practice group – my integration of NVC into everyday life is deepened. And that makes it easier for me to make life more wonderful for those around me.” – D.W.

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