Deb & Wayne go to Whanganui

On the weekend of 24th & 25th July, we went to Whanganui to run a Foundation Training. With gratitude to Clare & Nityajyoti for organising this for us!

We ran a Free Introduction on Friday night & were thrilled with the attendance of 10 people.

The weekend ran beautifully and was supported graciously by Tess, Aladdin and Nityajyoti.  We were warmed and grateful for the incredible venues we had – firstly the Friends of the Quakers Meeting house (Saturday) and the St. Joesephite Retreat Centre (Sunday).

We so enjoyed meeting the people who came along over the weekend, sharing the delicious meals and learning, growing and playing together. It was lovely to be so welcomed into the community and to be warmed from the inside out.