Dunco for Alice – A poem read out during our NVC couples retreat


The below poem really captures the essence and beauty of our NVC Couples Retreat at Sharda last weekend.  Duncan wrote this for his Soul mate / other half / wife, Alice.  Thank you Duncan and Alice for being okay for us to share your wonderful words.

Dunco For Alice

I wouldn’t like to call you Soul Mate

That phrase which means we don’t differ on anything, Never arguing

But if it means we’re close, Like the sun and the wind

Then you must be my soul mate

I’d shudder if you called me your Other Half

Wondering which half I was and which half you were

But if it meant I miss you when we are apart

If it meant I like your company and you like mine Like paradise ducks do

Then I must be your other half

I don’t often refer to you as My Wife In the possessive sense

But if it meant friend, ally, lover, hoa rangatira all-in-one

Like the way trees gather together to create, to weather the storm, To admire one another

Then you must be my wife

I usually mention your name; Alice

And someone sometimes says who?

And I say oh a friend

But if I mean valiant, compassionate, defiant, truth-seeking, beauty Like the earth herself

Then you must be Alice


Written by Duncan Hill ( A great friend who attended our NVC Couples retreat)