Embrace Reactivity by Robert Gonzales

I was gifted Robert Gonzales book, “Reflections on Living Compassion”, a few years back by Filipa Hope and like books often do it sat in my book shelf collecting dust.  I started reading this book about three weeks ago and all I can say is WOW.  I read over the same couple of pages for a week.  Reflecting on these pages throughout the day and am finding the book a wonderful way to deepen my inner experience and remind me of why I am so drawn to the power of deep connection through NVC.

Here is a quote from the book I am reading this week.

Embrace Reactivity

“It is a radical shift to embrace any reactivity we experience and not make an enemy of it.  Rather than saying “I must get over this, get rid of this” or “I must heal this,” we go towards our reactivity and see it as our life force expressing in us that says, “See me, allow me.”  Our liberation, our freedom is in attending to our greatest fears with an allowing presence.  The action of turning toward that which we perceive as the block in our lives is the act of self compassion.”

I would encourage anyone reading this to sit with this quote and ponder it for a week or two and see if you can make this a daily practice.

Much warmth