Transformative Mediation Workshop – 25-28 June 2020

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Transformative Mediation Training 
Why learn NVC Transformative Mediation?
We have now being offering and delivering NVC Transformative Mediation for the past 10 years.  We have mediated in our lounge, our garage, industrial worksites, other peoples lounges, kitchens and board rooms.  We have mediated between couples, siblings, whole families, contractors and  work colleges.  Through all this we have discovered that once a conflict has arisen and is not been worked out, the sooner a Transformative Mediator is called in the more it can save people, time, pain and in a lot of cases…money.
A large amount of our work these days is Mediation and we really see the benefits of people having a supported connected conversation that can really support their everyday relationships.
Transformative Mediation supports connection, understanding, creativity and harmony.
This then promotes:

  • more care and compassion in our relationships
  • productivity and creativity in our work and team environments
  • everyone getting on and hearing each other at home
  • a place where a pathway forward can be decided on that works for both parties

We are running a Transformative Mediation Training on 25-28 June 2020.  We are really excited and motivated to share these skills with others and to support people to have the competence and confidence to support those around them that are in conflict.

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