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“Working with Wayne and Deb has been such a breath of fresh air. After 7 years of psychotherapy and then training and practising as a psychotherapist, I thought there was little to learn ,but they seem to be able to really help cut out the noise and get straight to the point. A very safe, welcoming environment that never failed to create movement and authenticity” – Simon Banks


Weekend Foundation Workshop

A 2-day weekend workshop in the key components of NVC. This is an opportunity to explore the fundamentals on day 1 then deepening your connection and understanding on day 2. The aim of this training is to give you a taste to what NVC is all about.

We also offer private NVC Workshops for groups, businesses and schools.

Next Workshop: 8th & 9th June 2024. For further information or to register – click here



NVC Deepening Empathy Workshop – 4 days

A 4 day deepening workshop based on the work of Robert Gonzales and Stephen Schwartz.

Next workshop: TBC



Transforming Relationships with Care – 2 days

A 2 day weekend workshop based on the principles of NVC & the Enemy Images process by Ike & John (from Transformative Mediation work).

Next workshop – 3rd & 4th August 2024.  For further information or to register – click here


Transformative Mediation – 4 days

You will use the language & skills of Nonviolent Communication to navigate and resolve conflicts between yourself and others, & between others who are in conflict that do not directly involve you. Limited to 12 people. (Must have NVC Foundation Training or similar). Next workshop –  TBA


Continuing the Journey – An intermediate NVC Weekend Workshop

This workshop is for anyone who has completed a NVC Foundation Workshop and wants to learn more. The weekend workshop will include empathy practice, NVC Self Empathy Dance Floors, four ways of listening and how to prepare for difficult conversations. A great way to build confidence and competence to use NVC everyday.  Next date TBA


NVC Practice Groups

Our practice group runs for 6 weeks on Wednesday nights 7pm to 9pm (zoom)


One day workshops

1 Day Intros / NVC Practice days. These are days to introduce yourself to NVC or re-cap on skills already learned. NVC Practice days are all about practice … roll up the sleeves and implement the tools. Next date TBA


NVC Extravaganza Day!!

Come along for a taste of NVC. This day is for people with no NVC experience, and people with lots. Learn, grow, connect and deepen into the principles.

Next date: TBA

Empathy Workshops

One of the most life serving skills we can learn is empathy.  A way to empower ourselves and others to create productive, worthwhile, friendships and relationships. 

This one day programme is designed to give people the competence and confidence to go out and use empathic communication everyday in all situations. 

We will  provide  facilitation and activities that will give the participants the opportunity to learn and practice the art of becoming a “Street Giraffe.”  That is effective without sounding like a automated NVC machine.

Next  workshop dates – TBA


Couples Workshop

A weekend couples workshop: Intimate relationships are often challenging. We can hold our values of honesty and caring and still end up in a barrage of words that lead to disconnection and pain.   This workshop is designed for you and your partner to spend time with each other, receiving support to practice the skills of NVC that naturally open your heart & lead to a fulfilling relationship. A Pre-requisite of a NVC Foundation Training is required to attend.

Up and coming workshop: TBA


Couples Counselling

As a couple, we support you as a couple.  We offer 1.5 hour – 2 hour 2:2 sessions in our or your home to support you to deal with situations that one or both of you are having challenges in being heard.

 Speaking Engagements

We can tailor introductions to NVC to cater for your organisation’s or group’s needs


Dance Floors Day

A One Day workshop for people who have done an NVC Foundation Training & wish to deepen their skills & connection.  This is an opportunity to learn more about companioning Dance Floors as well as working through any current issues you might have, using the  5 or 13 Step Dance Floor.


2 hour Evening NVC Introduction Sessions in your home

Gather 4 or more people together and we will come in and run a 2 hour introduction evening in your home. Cost: Koha.
To book an evening, please contact us.


Face to Face / Zoom Empathy / Mediation Sessions

If you are needing support in creating a more harmonious relationship with yourself or others close to you, we offer 1:1 empathy or mediation sessions.


One day top ups

A chance to have an interactive, connected day learning more about NVC. We take the key principles and practice them over the whole day. Discussing, practicing and developing a deeper connection to our needs. A wonderful way to delve more deeply into NVC with a supportive group of people.


Group Sessions

If you get a group of people together, we can run an evening or day session practicing NVC principals that you would like to cover.


NVC for Schools

We offer needs based NVC workshops to schools that include staff, teachers & parents.


Family support

We can meet with your family and provide support in learning a communication process where everyone gets heard and all needs can be met. This includes on going coaching for the whole family.


“Judgments, criticism and violence are all tragic expressions of unmet needs.” Dr Marshall Rosenberg, Founder of the Centre for Nonviolent Communication

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